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The Retail Shop


To see a wider selection of my wares, come visit my workplace in the Westmoore Community near Seagrove, North Carolina.  Here I maintain a full-time retail shop where I sell the majority of my work. I make thousands of different items, many of which are not pictured on the website. Though I never have everything in stock at any given time, I do unload at least one kiln load of pottery each two weeks during the year, with the exception of the month of January.

The shop buildings are also worth a look, as they were very much a labor of love. Much of the work was done by David and Mary themselves, including the timber frame, all woodwork, cedar shingled roof, bathroom tiles, leaded-glass windows, clay roof tiles, and more. Brickmason Mike Walker of Seagrove laid the bricks and constructed a beautiful seven foot wide cooking fireplace.
The building encloses both retail shop and work space. Visitors are free to watch me work and ask questions endlessly!  Please do understand that some days are spent on work that is interesting to watch (working on the wheel, decorating, etc.), but that running a pottery shop also includes many days when I am doing things that are not interesting at all to watch (bookkeeping, mopping and dusting, etc.)

Westmoore Pottery's days open and hours may vary, but are usually from 9 ashop1small.jpgm to 5 pm, though I am always closed on Wednesdays and Sundays. In addition, I am not open on Thanksgiving Day and close every year from December 24-February 1.
Westmoore Pottery is located in central North Carolina, halfway between the towns of Seagrove and Robbins. Turn off Highway 705 onto Busbee Road; go 1/2 mile, and Westmoore Pottery will be on your left.

For those flying into the area from a distance, our nearest airport is Piedmont Triad International in Greensboro. However, airports in Raleigh-Durham and in Charlotte are only slightly farther away. 

If you find yourselves in our area on a Wednesday or a Sunday or any other day when Westmoore Pottery is closed, do check out the small selection of pottery we keep at Seagrove Creations, close to downtown Seagrove. 


Westmoore Pottery

4622 Busbee Road, Seagrove, NC 27341

Telephone: (910)464-3700


Hours may vary, but usually open 9am to 5pm.

Always closed Wednesdays and Sundays.