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About the Redware


Redware made by Westmoore Pottery is all handmade and hand decorated, with natural variation to it; no two pieces will be absolutely identical. The pottery is made to be used as well as collected. All pieces are lead-free.

The redware retains the look and color of the old redware and ranges from very plain to very fancy. I use an old decorating technique called "slip trailing" to decorate my pots with different colors of clays. A clear glaze is then applied, through which the natural reddish-orange of the clay and the colors of the slips can be seen.

Redware can be used in a regular oven and may be put directly into a preheated oven. Small pieces of redware may be used in a microwave, though all pottery wears out much quicker if used in a microwave oven. Pieces over about 4" wide should never be used in the microwave. Handwashing is recommended for the redware.

Remember that redware is by nature somewhat porous. A redware pot will hold liquid for a period of time, but is not recommended for long-term storage of liquids. Also, redware will absorb some water when it washed; be sure it is thoroughly dry before storing it in a tight cupboard.

Redware is excellent for use in baking dishes. Heat penetrates well through the red clay, and cooks food evenly. In the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries, the bulk of the pottery baking dishes were of redware.

Redware was the earliest type of pottery made by European settlers in North Carolina, beginning in the year 1755.


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