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About the Green-Glazed Wares


My pottery, since it is all handmade and hand decorated, has natural variation to it; no two pieces will be absolutely identical.  The pottery is made to be used as well as collected. All pieces are lead-free.

Many of the green-glazed wares which turn up in colonial America were made in Europe, particularly in the 17th century. A portion of my work replicates those green-glazed European pieces. The sharing of pottery forms within Europe itself due to travel and trade meant that some shapes of wares were already almost identical from country to country. Still, regional differences existed. Some shapes could be said to have been distinctly English, Dutch, French, etc.

As America was colonized, shapes of many American-made pots revealed their roots in the European cultures from whence the potters came. In this country there did eventually develop shapes that became distinctly "American."

In North Carolina, potters continued to commonly use green glazes long after other areas had abandoned them, through the 18th century and even into the first half of the 19th century. My selection of green-glazed wares also replicates some of those 18th and early 19th century North Carolina green pieces.

Westmoore Pottery's green-glazed wares are extremely durable and do not require any special care or attention.  They can be used in a regular oven and may be put directly into a preheated oven. Small pieces of green-glazed wares may be used in a microwave, though all pottery wears out much quicker if used in a microwave oven. Pieces over about 4" wide should never be used in the microwave.  


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